GHM LandWorks Unlimited is a comprehensive land acquisition and management service company that provides a quality acquisition service for those companies that need, among other things, rights-of-way, easements, leases or fee purchases in order to meet their goals.  Land is many times only one piece of a much larger puzzle that is your project.  However, at times the entire project may be riding on the success of an acquisition.  Whether it be a lease hold, gathering system, transmission pipeline, power line, communication tower or facility site, let us lead the way to success by providing a quality service that will help ensure success for your company.

GHM LandWorks Unlimited employs staff, and provides resources to manage and/or execute your project.  Our professionals are available in any location for projects of any size.  Quality services, cost effectiveness and customer satisfaction are our first priorities.  Experience speaks for itself, and with our customer focused approach to anticipating circumstances, we continually strive to reduce future risk for our clients while maintaining a high level of efficiency for the project.  We understand the importance of educating your landowners and making sure that the rights granted in any type of agreement are sufficient for your needs.  We know that we need to work closely with our clients in order to deliver a quality service and to ensure proper oversight.  In the end, our clients are left with our work product and we know that we cannot provide a quality work product without good communication. 

We measure our success by client satisfaction.  All projects have schedule and budget parameters.  Every decision we make is geared toward client needs and assuring success.