A large portion of project success can be attributed to work ethic and the manner in which people approach others on your behalf.  Enough cannot be said about the effects of professionalism, understanding, and quality communication when it comes to dealing with landowners for the purposes of conveying rights to their property.  GHM LandWorks Unlimited prides itself in hard work, accountability and honesty.  Our professionals have ethical standards combined with a work ethic that is becoming exceedingly rare.  Let us show you the difference between us and our competitors.

With proper oversight, project efficiency is an attainable goal.  In order for a project of any size to remain efficient, there must be an adequate form of oversight.  We are able to adapt to our client's existing review and oversight procedures.  We have our own, as well.  It is critical that our clients have the opportunity to review our work product before, during and after the work is completed.  There is a risk factor involved on the client side that needs to be kept in mind.  Our clients are the ones that have to live with our work product and it only makes sense for them to be engaged, involved and aware.  Project costs can also see great benefits from proper oversight and an efficiently running project. 

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Having a plan for each stage of a project provides direction and a greater chance at success.  After you understand the scope of a project and the area in which you are working, planning plays a key role in project success.  One must understand the steps of the acquisition process.  From ownership identification to survey permission to closing, having a plan in place will provide direction for your project.  This is the time to anticipate circumstances and problems.  Having experienced professionals on your side makes all the difference in the world when it comes to anticipating and planning for circumstances.

Pre-project assessments and research can help your project maintain a proper handle on long lead items and/or provide a great deal of valuable insight.  Getting the correct information at the start will help ensure that certain project phases go smoothly.  Many times the information gathered during a pre-project assessment is not necessarily required but the value added for the success of the project is great.  It is important to understand local policies and politics, permitting requirements, problem landowners, local land use, and other project area specific details. 

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